Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you a technical communicator?

Please comment on an instance in which you have communicated "technical" information to a non-expert audience. How did your knowledge of your audience affect the piece of communication (a document, video, verbal presentation, etc.) you produced?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcome to English 341, Technical Writing!

This class will introduce you to methods of effective communication about technical subjects. You will also develop an understanding of theories of technical communication and you will practice technical communication in many forms. With an eye constantly focused on audience needs and expectations, we will plan, organize, draft, revise, and edit technical communication. We will learn that the content and appearance of each written document must be appropriate to the intended audience.

You will complete many projects in this course. These include a resume, an "instructions" memo, and audience analysis memo, and, foremost, your final technical report with all of its prerequisite components (like a proposal, bibliography, and more). We will also engage in thoughtful discussions about the ethics of technical communication as well as the necessary strategies for communicating complicated technical information in a comprehensible way for an a non-expert audience.

Since the members of our class will represent many different areas of study, classroom discussions will be engaging for all, and we all will learn a great deal. This blog will serve as an additional forum for these discussion as well as serving as a place where you can offer sample ideas for your written projects and then receive feedback from your classmates. Blog posting is a requirement in this course.

I will look forward to meeting you in late August!